We just love ice, especially the Italian kind!

Thanks for visiting the Houni's website! We sure hope you have a chance to try our Italian Ice and enjoy it as much as we do! 

Houni's Italian Ice is homemade with only the freshest ingredients, a secret ingredient, and with a little tender, love, and care. We are a family business that loves God and loves people. We strive to bring a little happiness and encouragement to everyone who stops by. 


We believe not only do we have the best product, but we have the best intentions. Combine a delicious Gelati with a few encouraging words and you've got quite the "picker-upper!" ​


The owner grew up loving the fun and tastiness of Italian Ice and all it had to offer. She ended up in the world of advertising and sales after graduating from Furman University in 2013, but never forgot her southern and coastal roots. In June 2019 she had the opportunity to meet someone who was ready to pass his Italian Ice torch to her, which is how Houni's came to be! 

Fun Fact

In case you were wondering where the name Houni's came from, let us tell you. Our last name is Calhoun so growing up people regularly referred to us as "The Calhouni's." When it came time to decide what to name our business the only logical answer was "Houni's!" 

Mission Statement

Houni's Italian Ice is committed to bringing consumers a tasty and refreshing high quality product made with fresh ingredients. Our mission is to make everyone's day better by providing an enjoyable product with exceptional service.